Masquerading Normality

Masquerading Normality By Cathleen Elise Rossiter Last night I went to see a movie. During the pre-previews (do not get me started), there was a commercial (again, do not get me started) for the Mini Cooper. Mini’s tagline stated, “Normal can never be amazing”, going further to ask, “Why would anyone want to be normal?”Continue reading “Masquerading Normality”

I Am Grateful for the Rain

I Am Grateful for the Rain By Cathleen Elise Rossiter The other day a dear friend of mine from Monaco sent me a Petite Anthologie de la Poesie Francaise. As it happens, I fell in love with the first poem to which I opened (the translation is my own, so be kind to a novice). Il Pleure Dans Mon Coeur Par Paul Verlaine Il pleure dans mon coeur Comme il pleut sur la ville; Quelle est cette langueur Qui penetre mon cœur ? O bruit douxContinue reading “I Am Grateful for the Rain”