Wishing Revisited: Same Message, Different Voice

My last post dealt with the concept of wishing; how easily it can take over our lives if we let it, stopping us from actually doing what is necessary to make our wishes reality, as I had been doing with my garden – wishing it were neat and trim while watching it grow out of control.

The story I relayed about The Girl Who was Quite Fond of Wishing is the story of me in grammar school. The revelation that I was wishing my life away came upon me suddenly,…

Wishing It Were So

This week, while finally trimming the verge after weeks of wishing the garden were not so overgrown, the song “Wishin’ and Hopin'” sung by Dionne Warwick kept running through my head as well as the painting of the little girl gathering flowers by Jessie Wilcox Smith (above). The following fable with its corresponding lessons is the result of my latest encounters with art.

The Little Girl Who was Quite Fond of Wishing

The Fine Art of Blooming

As spring marches steadily toward the moment when she hands over her mantle to summer, my garden persistently puts forth waves of blooms from the daffodils in April to the rhododendron, lilac, and apple in May, and the peony and iris in June. Some blooms are brand new; others at their peak, while still others rapidly fade. …

School Days: Inspiring Greatness

School Days: Inspiring Greatness By Cathleen Elise Rossiter   “Everybody we meet has an influence on us and an impact – good or bad. And I think that’s why we have to be careful with the way we handle people because what we’re doing is making an impact. Ernie Harwell In Cambridge, MA in theContinue reading “School Days: Inspiring Greatness”

Although the opportunity to have a basic education is de rigueur for many people around the world, so many others have difficult struggles to obtain a fraction of a fraction of what we take for granted.

By the Seaside – Learning to Treasure

By the Seaside: Learning to Treasure By Cathleen Elise Rossiter Across the narrow beach we flit, One little sand-piper and I; And fast I gather, bit by bit, The scattered drift-wood, bleached and dry, The wild waves reach their hands for it, The wild wind raves, the tide runs high, As up and down theContinue reading “By the Seaside – Learning to Treasure”

Transforming the Girl in the Mirror

My image of myself has always been inextricably linked to my hair on so many levels. Even at my most confident and fearless moments, somewhere under the surface lurk the echoing voices of my schoolroom peers as they try to drag me down and pierce the armor of my faith in my abilities and my ever-present trust in the goodness of humanity. It wasn’t until the other day, sitting in the stylist’s chair, mesmerized by the physical transformation, the tangible interior change of the woman in the mirror from

Personal Independence: Rights and Responsibilities of Doing It “My Nowm Self”

Personal Independence: Rights and Responsibilities of Doing It “My Nowm Self” by Cathleen Elise Rossiter A few years ago, when I was three years old, my mother and I found ourselves in the middle of a valuable teaching and learning moment that would stay with me to this very moment. This teaching and learning momentContinue reading “Personal Independence: Rights and Responsibilities of Doing It “My Nowm Self””

Snaking Our Way through Life: Laying Our Journey One Stone at a Time

The work of Andy Goldsworthy has fascinated me since I was first introduced to his work through my local PBS station and his documentary, Rivers and Tides. Lately, his works have been on my mind as my life takes unexpected turns, leaving many unanswered questions in its wake.

I am reminded of late of Mr. Goldsworthy’s sculpture The Walking Wall snaking its way through and around the grounds ofAndy Goldsworthy – The Walking Wall the Storm King Sculpture Park. Oftentimes the wall’s path seems illogical and a waste of effort.

Taming My Inner Higgins

Taming My Inner Higgins by Cathleen Elise Rossiter Stalwart, upright, honorable. All of these are admirable qualities possessed by Jonathan Quayle Higgins, III, the fictional majordomo of the Hawaii estate of the also fictional Robin Masters in the 1980’s television show Magnum, P.I. (which I have been marathon watching shamelessly of late). Higgins, as he is affectionately knownContinue reading “Taming My Inner Higgins”

Masquerading Normality

Masquerading Normality By Cathleen Elise Rossiter Last night I went to see a movie. During the pre-previews (do not get me started), there was a commercial (again, do not get me started) for the Mini Cooper. Mini’s tagline stated, “Normal can never be amazing”, going further to ask, “Why would anyone want to be normal?”Continue reading “Masquerading Normality”