School Days: Bringing it Home

It’s glorious to be able to go onto the Internet and hear any kind of music anywhere, from anywhere, and get it instantly. But there’s also something glorious about having a record with a sleeve and looking at the artwork, putting it on the turntable and playing it, there’s still something romantic to me about that.

Conor Oberst
Norman Rockwell - Connoisseur Courtesy of The Norman Rockwell Museum
Norman Rockwell – Connoisseur
Courtesy of The Norman Rockwell Museum

The other day I received a notice from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston telling me of the upcoming exhibitions. As I read the information, I couldn’t help but feel just a bit giddy at the prospect of seeing the Dutch Masters up-close-and-personal. I remember going to the same museum as a child, being awestruck at the fact that there were people in the world who could look at a block of marble or an oozing mess of color on a plate and see the intricate form or combination of colors that so perfectly represented the physical and emotional form of people, places, and things.

I was never able to recreate the scenes they did until I discovered writing. Still, the impression that seeing these masterpieces in the flesh as it were was a formative experience for my life, one upon which I continue to draw inspiration. In honor of this opportunity that I had, Today’s post is all about bringing your attention to programs dedicated to bringing art, in all its forms, to schoolchildren. Below are the links to some great programs. May they continue to inspire you.

There are so many other programs and collaborations between museums and schools that provide wonderful experiences for students, experiences that influence all aspects of their lives. If you are part of a program that brings art in its various forms to students who would otherwise not have the exposure, send me an e-mail  ( with the details.I will include the links in future posts. I am happy to spread the word and give others the chance at experiencing art in a way that will change their lives.

Have a wonderful day.

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