by Cathleen Elise Rossiter

Cardellino by Marco PreziosiThis morning as I was washing the dishes, staring out the kitchen window at the flutter of activity in the apple tree – watching the birds flitter from branch to branch, from the apple tree to the blueberry bush (the birds are on their annual summertime vigil for the perfect moment to abscond with the sapphire spheres of delight), from one birdbath to another – I began thinking of all the ways we do the same thing in our lives in an endless quest to find the perfect place on which to alight.  Perhaps our hyper-paced society has conditioned us to be impatient. Perhaps our training in instant gratification keeps us ever on the lookout for that one big thing that will satisfy all our needs, at least until our patience wears thin and we seek further gratification.

It is difficult to be patient. When you are searching for direction and answers to what your life is all about, you want the answers now so as to not waste time and get into the full swing of living a meaningful life. I am not immune. Finding your calling in life is oftentimes a painful, drawn-out process. Even when you discover the What, the How, Why, Where, and When may remain elusive.  Sometimes we feel guilty for the gift of knowing our What, so we fret over whether we have made the right decision, even when all the evidence points to the affirmative. We feel the driving need to flitter from branch to branch, from apple tree to blueberry bush, from one birdbath to another just to be certain that we chose the right branch in the first place. All the while, we keep waiting for our life to begin.

Cardellino, by Italian wildlife artist Marco Preziosi reminds me of the need to settle in for a while on each branch, observe my surroundings, enjoy them, and be happy that I am alive, knowing that the life I have lived thus far is part of the ultimate answer and the training I need to be prepared for what is to come.  The answers will come if I stay still long enough to hear and listen. All the flittering and fluttering creates a din that drowns out the still, small voice whispering the answers we seek.

2015 Copyright - Cathleen Elise


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