by Cathleen Elise Rossiter


How many times have you heard the saying about art imitating life? How many times have you promptly gone on with your day thinking nothing more about it? Well, one day I was watching a movie that gave me so much to think about in so many directions that the idea for this blog was born.

There is a definite connection between the art around us, in all its forms, and the life we are living. Not only does art imitate life, it allows us to see life, ours in particular, in an entirely new light.  By opening our eyes and listening to what another Human Being is trying to say through his or her art, we connect with the world on a larger, yet simultaneously more intimate and  personal level. Through this new revelation we are able to connect with ourselves on a deeper level. The more we understand ourselves, the more we grow; the more we come to love who we are at our core; the more we are able to love those around us; the more we add Love to the world, the more we subtract everything that is not Love – a ripple effect.

In the words of Christopher Columbus, “You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” Courage is so much more readily available when someone shares the journey with you.  I have set us upon a journey to discover a New World. The mode of transportation I have chosen is Art (as opposed to the Nina, Pinta, or Santa Maria). Now that I have cast my pebble into the ocean of the Blogosphere, let us see how far the ripples travel.


Published by Cathleen Elise Rossiter

Writer. Ponderer. Liver-of-Life. Lover of coffee.

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